The parameters of some yarns that need to be used for special purposes are not the parameters of conventional yarns on the market, such as yarns with ultra-large deniers, yarns with ultra-small deniers, and yarns used in ultra-low temperature or ultra-high temperature environments . These special-purpose yarns need to be developed by powerful factories.


Getting Inquiry form customers
Yarn specification confirmations and price details
These specifications include:
Yarn type
Yarn count
Color(color swatch will be sending out if need)
Break strength
Confirming if the yarn of giving specifications is available in our stock
If the product is available, then we agree on the price and write the contract after confirming the sample
If not currently available, then we’ll move to yarn development
Calculate product R&D expenses and confirm with customers whether it is acceptable
If not, the yarn development process ends
If accepted, we start the yarn development
Our sales staff will follow up and report the research and development situation to you in time
Sending the sample of yarn development to customer for confirmation
The completed development is sent to the customer for approval
Arranging for mass production of the yarn