Manufacturer of Double Covered Yarn

The double-covered yarn is to cover the outer layer of the core yarn with 2 layers of outer yarn, and the directions of the 2 layers of covering are opposite. After such treatment, the core yarn is well covered, and the exposed phenomenon is relatively light. Since the outer yarn wraps the core yarn symmetrically with opposite helix angles, the elastic force of the covered yarn is well balanced, and generally, the subsequent process can be processed without setting treatment. The process of double-covered yarn is more complicated, and the processing cost is much higher than that of single-covered yarn. In actual production, the type of covering process should be comprehensively considered according to the performance requirements, usage, production technology level and cost price of the fabric for the covered yarn.

Double cover yarn is mostly used for knitted fabrics that require high elasticity, and some are used for woven fabrics. It is an ideal yarn for high-end thin wool, linen fabrics, jacquard double-layer weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics.




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  • Good Flexibility
  • Good Wear Resistance
  • Bright Color
  • Washable
  • Strong Light Fastness


Applicable Industries

  • Weaving Industry
  • Circle knitting Industry
  • Knitting industry
  • Narrow Weaving Industry

Applicable Products

  • Hosiery
  • Socks
  • Seamless
  • Small Circle Knitting
  • Elastic Tapes
  • Fabric
  • Webbing


Product nameSpec.Core Yarn Spec.Outer Yarn Spec.TPM
Double Covered Yarn2010*10/7F/120D Spandex10/7F/2 FDY Nylon661600/2000
2012*12/7F/120D Spandex12/7F/2 FDY Nylon661600/2000
40212/7F/140D Spandex12/7F/2 FDY Nylon661600/2000
4010*10/7F/140D Spandex10/7F/2 FDY Nylon661550/1600
7010*10/7F/170D Spandex10/7F/2 FDY Nylon661800/2000
14015*15/5F/1140D Spandex15/5F/2 FDY Nylon661300/1400
840150*150/48F/2840D Spandex150/48F/2 PES420/650


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