Manufacturer of Acrylic Core Spun Yarn

Acrylic core-spun yarn is one of the most popular types of core spun yarn in the textile industry. It’s with anti-pilling, light and fluffy, bright luster and saturated hand. It has the softness of cotton, the luster of silk, and it is moisture-wicking and breathable. The fabric saturation and skin-friendly comfort of the acrylic core-spun yarn are very good. Suitable for autumn and winter fashion brands, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing and other fabrics.




Core Spun Yarn Opening And Cleaning Process
Core Spun Yarn Carding Process
Core Spun Yarn Drawing Process
Core Spun Yarn Roving Process
Core Spun Yarn Roving Process
Core Spun Yarn Post Processing


  • Anti-Pilling
  • Light And Fluffy
  • Glossy
  • Saturation


Applicable Industries

  • Clothing fabric manufacturing industry
  • Stretch fabric manufacturing industry
  • Decorative fabric manufacturing industry
  • Sewing thread manufacturing industry

Applicable Products

  • Sweater
  • Sock
  • Sheet
  • Sofa Cover
  • Scarf
  • Gloves

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